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The Bauen Group LLC

Bauen means "build"
...and that is what we are all about.  Look around at the top companies in the world today, and all of them have built their own systems to extend and further capitalize upon their intellectual advantages over their competition.  Off the shelf solutions can provide a start, but we help you get out of the box and into your own truly unique territory.

The Bauen Group specializes in development of cloud technology solutions for businesses in industries such as construction, energy, healthcare, retail, and professional services.  The core of our solutions is the Power Apps platform, which we skillfully extend and integrate with Microsoft Azure and your on-premise environment.  

Beyond Lift and Shift
We are not the typical "lift and shift" cloud provider that just relocates existing workloads to the cloud.  We will not just recrate the exact same system for you in the cloud.  We thoroughly examine your systems and help you build the best possible cloud solutions, maximizing your investment and modernizing your solutions.  We work with companies everyday to rebuild their old homegrown solutions as born in the cloud Power Apps solutions.  We help you find ways to automate and integrate all those manual processes too.  And if you have systems and processes that must stay on-premise, we help you integrate with the cloud in a seamless fashion.

Solid Industry Experience
Because of our extensive healthcare experience, we specialize in secure, HIPAA-compliant architectures that won't give your security teams nightmares.  And with our strong experience in data and analytics, we have a proven track record of getting some of the best healthcare organizations in the country the data they need in useable fashion.

Outside of healthcare we have built several fully custom, cloud-based document management systems in the professional services, legal, and engineering spaces.  Beyond simple OCR, we've used AI to analyze those documents to truly index and categorize content.  Image analysis is also a powerful tool we've brought to bear to empower businesses to get more out of their content.

Contact us for a free consultation and learn how our builders can help your team achieve new heights.


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