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Reflecting on a year of empowerment: Microsoft Power Up Program’s first-year recap

Headshot of article author Dimpi Gandhi

As we close the first year of the Microsoft Power Up Program, it’s time to pause, reflect, and celebrate the milestones achieved on this incredible journey. With more than 25,000 passionate individuals from more than 180 countries joining us in our 12-week low-code upskilling initiative, the resonance of this program surpassed all expectations, amplifying the essence of global learning and collaboration.

Celebrating Successes

The Power Up Program’s vision was simple yet powerful: to equip individuals worldwide with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the era of digital transformation. And the response was nothing short of phenomenal. Participants, hailing from diverse backgrounds, united under the common goal of mastering low-code skills, bridging the gap between ambition and proficiency.

  • 25,000+ Participants: From every corner of the globe, individuals took the plunge into the world of low-code development, driven by a shared enthusiasm for learning and growth.
  • 180+ Countries Represented: The program transcended borders, cultures, and languages, fostering a truly global community of learners united by their eagerness to empower themselves.
  • 12-Week Upskilling Journey: The self-serve curriculum guided participants through a transformative 12-week experience, honing their Power Platform skills and unleashing their potential.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the Power Up Program’s inaugural year was witnessing the success stories that emerged from the community. From career transitions to groundbreaking projects, the impact of newfound skills reverberated globally, validating the program’s mission to empower individuals to create their paths in the digital landscape. Watch some Power Up Program graduates share their success stories.

Paving the Way Forward

As the Power Up Program embarks on its second year, the excitement continues to build. We’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking feature that amplifies the learning experience – Group Learning! The program continues to evolve for learners and volunteers.

In year two, we will offer more interactive and visual learning including the opportunity to attend Microsoft partner-led App in a Day workshops. In addition, participants can now join as teams, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collaboration.


Introducing Group Learning

Colleagues, friends and family now can challenge each other on a learning journey to become low-code app makers. To get started, a group leader applies and creates a team name. Once accepted, the group leader will select their preferred start date and send invitations to group members.

Throughout the learning journey, group members can monitor each other’s advancement on the leaderboard, fostering healthy competition and collective growth.

Power Up Group Leader Board

Recognizing our volunteers

We are pleased to recognize 13 Power Up champs as our first recipients of the Star Champ badge who displayed exemplary commitment and dedication in our first year. Let’s give a shoutout to the first round of Star Champs: Ahmed Salih, Akah Mandela Munab, Asia Platt, Barend Buizer, Christina Wheeler, Davy De Roeck, Drew Poggeman, Neil Hambly, Pavel Vecer, Remi Dyon, Rishona Elijah, Sheryl Netley, and Zeeshan Saeed.

This badge will be awarded to champs who have contributed more than 15 hours over the last 6 months across various volunteering categories such as supporting Power Up learners during live Q&A sessions, responding to learner questions on discussions boards and grading final app challenge submissions. We are excited for champs to have the opportunity to earn this badge that recognizes their commitment and support for the Power Up learners and to inspire many others to volunteer.

Power Up Star Champ Badge


As you make your New Year’s resolutions, add building an application with Microsoft Power Platform to the list and join the Power Up Program as an individual, a group or as a volunteer!