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Headshot of article author Anthony Sheehi

Have you ever wanted to use pipelines to deploy your solutions across environments, but found it too complicated or time-consuming to set up? Do you wish you could follow ALM best practices more easily and efficiently but don’t have an active admin who is able to dedicate the time to set it all up? If so, you’re in luck! We are excited to announce Pipelines for All: a streamlined pipelines setup process that could have you deploying from scratch in less than a minute.

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Headshot of article author Swati Madhukar

Block unmanaged customizations is an environment setting that allows Power Platform system administrators to prevent unmanaged customizations in Microsoft Dataverse environments. By blocking any unmanaged customizations, you can ensure that any changes to your environment, specifically your production environments, are only going through approved application lifecycle management (ALM) processes that have sufficient safety, visibility and auditing. 

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Headshot of article author Casey Burke

Delegated deployments (preview) for pipelines in Power Platform empowers makers to deploy their business solutions without needing elevated permissions in target environments (like production). Admins can rest assure their production data and application assets are protected and compliant with organizational least privileged access policies.

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