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Copilot now helps users draft text input in canvas apps

Headshot of article author Jordan Chodak

Copilot has been transforming the way we work since its launch early last year. By using the power of AI in your daily life, you can increase your productivity as you delegate tedious tasks!

We are excited to introduce the Public Preview release of Draft with Copilot for canvas apps used in a browser. With no app or configuration changes needed, Copilot will now work alongside users to help them draft well-written text for the text input fields within their apps. Draft with Copilot will be gradually rolling out to premium users in the US region over the next few weeks.  

Draft with Copilot in canvas apps

When inputting text into a multiline text input or a rich text editor control in an app, you can choose to Draft with Copilot. Write your initial draft without editing or worrying about style. Copilot will improve your text, fixing grammar, formatting, and language issues for you. You can then adjust the new result by modifying the tone and length or giving more details. When the text satisfies you, add it to the box! 


Learn more about this feature by reading the documentation here. 

What’s Next 

While this Public Preview feature is currently limited to U.S. environments, we are planning to expand the capabilities of Copilot across geographic regions with support for different languages.