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Introducing inline actions

Headshot of article author Tasha Scott

We are pleased to introduce inline actions for Power Apps canvas apps – a new way to perform the most common authoring tasks directly inline on the canvas. Previously in order to do things like change the layout of a screen or connect a form or gallery to data, you had to know where to make these updates: either from the command bar, properties panes, or formula bar. Now we bring these common updates to the controls themselves in the inline action bar – reducing both cognitive load and mouse travel! Even more, you can engage your peers and leverage the power of Copilot for help directly from the new inline action bar as well.

A gif of the canvas studio where the maker uses inline actions to work with Copilot and data in a gallery

This is our first step in bringing rich tools for quick completion of tasks right to your fingertips on the canvas. We have even greater ways for Copilot to accelerate your app creation coming soon to this space- stay tuned!

Learn more about inline actions here. Let us know what you think, happy app making!