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Headshot of article author Itay Himelfarb

AI models are improving rapidly, and customers need effective tools to integrate AI into their business solutions that provide precise, reliable and consistent information, and are easy to deploy. Today we are happy to announce our latest improvements to help makers integrate AI into their low-code apps and solutions. Now available as Public Preview in Microsoft Copilot Studio, data grounding with Dataverse tables allows makers to create powerful AI prompts that are grounded with their enterprise data while enforcing real time enterprise security. Additionally, we are excited to announce that low-code plugins now support five new AI Power Fx functions, and share  how Capgemini New Zealand, a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, is leveraging these new capabilities to create value for their clients and solve business problems faster than ever before.

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Headshot of article author Arijit Basu

Frontline workers using their phone to access Power Apps need access to AI-synthesized information inline. This control enables makers to set predefined prompt that end users can quickly use to get insights using a single click, powered by Microsoft Copilot. This control has been optimized for mobile experiences and will bring answers to users’ common questions right at their fingertips. Getting an answer to commonly asked questions without needing to carry out deep interactions with the app will bring users to faster insights and enable them to be productive in their day-to-day work.

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Headshot of article author Ritesh Pandey

We are excited to announce that the virtual network support for Dataverse plug-ins and connectors within Power Platform is now available in public preview for all our customers in public cloud! This feature allows you to protect your outbound connections from Power Platform services like Dataverse Plug-ins and connectors to resources within your private network.

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