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Add your canvas apps to Teams

You can now export a canvas app as a Teams app so that you can use it as a personal or tab app within Teams. As a user of Teams, you can use this functionality to create a collaborative application within a tab so that your colleagues can all interact with the same data together.

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Get updates about your app right in your inbox

Beginning today, we’re starting a pilot program to send regular emails to notify makers like yourself about the usage of their top performing app. This will give regular insights into how an app is performing without having to actively look at its analytics. In this first email, we’ll let you know how many people used … Continue reading “Get updates about your app right in your inbox”

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Introducing the new view designer for model-driven apps

Yesterday we announced the new model-driven designer coming to preview, and today, I’d like to announce that we’re also releasing the new view designer in preview. The experience brings with it several improvements to the classic view designer, like being able to see a preview of your data or to make simple inline edits on …

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