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Re: Export 86K records entity to Excel

Code free is an illusion, and the continuation of this fiction just makes matters worse since numerous shortcomings are not addressed. Maybe @v-micsh-msft can be a contact on the MS side.

Re: Saving data from PowerBI to SQL Server using powerapps

If creating new records then use the Collect function, it is quite efficient. You can use something like: Collect( dbo.MyTable, Gallery1.AllItems ) You may need a ShowColumns around the Gallery1.A...

UpdateIf issue

I am building an App where the user can leave comments against an item posted a notice board.  When a comment is first added, I am updating a 'Has_Comments' flag in my list to True.   If ...

Re: Changes to a form are not saved

I have thankfully never experiencing this issue yet and hopefully never will. If this would happened to me I would try to probably reinstall the powerapps but I might be completely&nbs...

Ability to chose the keyboard type (like camera, back and front)

Ability to chose the keyboard type (like camera, back and front)  when i have a numeric field, i can chose to open keyboard only with numbers Increas UI dramatically

Re: Changes to a form are not saved

Hi @MonishRana,   Did you add the Label manually by inserting in the data card? If so, did you remember to modify the Update property of this data card? Regards, Mona

Re: How to build a web service method that accepts a table of records?

Hi @timl,   You may take a look at the following thread regarding how to pass arrays through Http post action in C#: Sending an Array in an HTTP POST   Your example here for ...

Update a Variable to ThisItem after Submit form

I am trying to update a variable after submitting an edit form.  I am looking for something like "OnSuccess:UpdateContext({Variable:ThisItem})"  or "OnSuccess:UpdateContext({Variable:LookUp...

Putting data tables into a single tab

I would put multiple data tables into a single tab in order to bring multiple tables to a single screen. Can anyone advise me on how to do this?

Re: How to build a web service method that accepts a table of records?

I created a similar method (using Azure Functions for simplicity) that takes an array of records (and returns another array of records) using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Net; using...

Re: Azure SQL Server - Datetime2 data type showing empty values

@MeneghinoVery true! Thank you for that input.   One of the positives of this issue is that I am getting to go through our data and make sure the data type fits the data it holds. We have expe...

Re: Date from SQL Azure db is not displaying in app.

I am having the same problem across multiple apps and multiple tables and databases. Anything with a datetime value doesn't seem to display properly although I can see it in the source table that the...

Re: Customise SP new/edit list form - members unable to access form

FYI: PowerApps Custom Forms for SharePoint only work in the modern experience. If the user's browser session is toggled to classic mode then the user will see the the SharePoint OOb form.

Re: Data shows up in PowerApps form but does not in SharePoint custom form

If both PowerApps forms are using the same list why are the field names different in the data source?

Re: Format of Field

You can apply the Text function to the result of the Sum function, to format that value: Text( Sum( Filter(Beauftragung; Status.Value = "Beauftragt"); Volumen), "#0,00 € ")

Re: Efficiency - Multiple Filtering in Gallery

It is a bit long I know. You're correct, it's just a bit long You can combine the ifs as conditions of the filter itself. The expression below should be equivalent to the one you have (please ch...

Re: Add data to a second ongoing historical list

mwilliamsf wrote: Thank you for your reply. Is it necessary to add a second edit form or can I use the onselect with the original form? You don't need a second form; the Patch function can...

Re: Unknown Mashup Exception

I am also recieving the same error (MashupException encountered).  I am trying to process my Azure SSAS tabular model.  Doing this through SSMS 2017, on prem.   This problem appeared...

Re: PowerApps technical questions

Thanks for the quick response. Can you also answer the remaining questions?   Thanks Miguel

Re: Autogenerated Lookup Control 'OnSelect' event not firing

Hi FalseMikeJr, AFAIK, the only difference between "OnSelect" and "OnChange" is that "OnChange" should fire when an item is selected or unselected while "OnSelect" should fire only when an item is s...

Multiple Filter for Gallery using Combobox

Hey all,   I know there are a lot of topics explaining this one. But I could't find what I'm looking for, because I want: 4 Comboboxes to filter the gallery I want the gallery to show resul...

Re: User().Email gives warning

You can store (cache) the user's e-mail, so that it's treated as a constant value when the query is sent to the server - at which point it can be delegated.   So if you have on the first scree...

Re: Azure SQL Server - Datetime2 data type showing empty values

My PowerApp has the same issue - Azure datetime data was working properly. As of yesterday (1/12/18) there have been no App or database changes, but suddenly the date values no longer appear in the f...

Re: Issue with getting organisation name in contact data base

Hi.  So, are you using Excel to edit the values?   When you use Excel you should be able to get a list of drop down suggestions like so:    

Re: UpdateIf Invalid argument type

Thanks.  I am pretty new to PA but sometimes its confusing as if I use just BrowseGallery1.Selected in an item property it works without adding the .ID part,