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Exporting CDS data to Azure Data Lake is Generally Available

Preview announcement for Export to data lake service. The Export to data lake service enables continuous replication of Common Data Service entity data to Azure data lake which can then be used to run analytics such as Power BI reporting, ML, data warehousing or other downstream integration purposes. It simplifies the technical and administrative complexity of operationalizing entities for analytics and managing schema and data. Within a matter of minutes, customers will be able to link their Common Data Service environment to a data lake in their Azure subscription, select standard or customer entities and export it to data lake. Any data or metadata changes (initial and incremental) in the Common Data Service is automatically pushed to the Azure data lake without any additional actions.

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Dual-write is generally available

Dual-write provides a tightly coupled near-real time and bi-directional integration between the Finance and Operations apps and Common Data Service. Once an entity is enabled for dual-write, any create, update, delete change in Finance and Operations apps results in writes, in near-real time, to Common Data Service and vice versa.

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Data Integrator Updates – New features with an intuitive user interface providing a fluent experience

This is a Preview announcement of new features and UI enhancements in the Data Integrator for Common Data Service for Apps Important Preview features aren’t meant for production use and may have restricted functionality. These features are available before an official release so that customers can get early access and provide feedback. We expect changes … Continue reading “Data Integrator Updates – New features with an intuitive user interface providing a fluent experience”

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