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  • 2018-07-05 We are aware of an issue where users are experiencing a Server Response of "ETAG Mismatch" and we are investigating it. We will update this message when we have more information or a fix.
    2018-07-11 Update: We have been able to reproduce this ETAG mismatch error and will release a fix. We will update this space again when the fix begins to roll out.
  • 2018-07-18 Customers may be experiencing delays and/or failures when attempting to create CDS databases for environments in United States. We are actively working to mitigate the issue and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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  1. Having trouble connecting to data?
    • Excel data must be formatted as a table.

    • If you share an app with data from OneDrive, don’t forget to share the folder to your organization as well.

    • Follow these instructions to manage your data connections.

  2. Need assistance for sign-in/sign-up?
  3. How do I remove an item from Gallery?

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