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Call2Recycle manages industrywide e-bike battery recycling program with Power Pages

Headshot of article author Sameer Bhangar

As a non-profit operating for over 25 years, Call2Recycle helps consumers and over 200 battery and battery-powered product companies keep batteries out of landfills. They partnered with EFOQUS to digitize their sales, finance and operations processes using Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Sales. This blog post describes how they used Power Pages to extend their existing system with an external facing portal that facilitates enrollment and training of e-bike retailers.

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Announcing general availability of our new Dataverse experiences on Power Apps

Headshot of article author Simon Matthews

When building apps, data is the core of your experience – and Dataverse is a natural solution for Power Apps. Dataverse gives us a huge breadth of features to work with so we’ve been investing in familiar and intuitive experiences for our users so that they can get the best out of Dataverse.

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