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The inaugural year witnessed inspiring success stories from the community, with impacts of newfound skills felt globally. As the program enters its second year, it introduces a new feature – Group Learning, which allows colleagues, friends, and family to challenge each other on a learning journey to become low-code app makers. The program recognized 13 Power Up champs with the Star Champ badge for their exemplary commitment and dedication. This badge is awarded to champs who have contributed more than 15 hours over the last 6 months across various volunteering categories. The program encourages building an application with Microsoft as a New Year’s resolution.

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Makers, who are using pipelines and solution import, will now always be able view and change the values of a solution’s environment variables. Makers will be able to validate the values that are going to be used in their components (such as their apps) in the target environment.

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Welcome to a list of customer stories curated by the Power CAT team. These stories showcase the ingenuity of a wide breadth of organizations and users that have adopted low-code and Microsoft Power Platform along with Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365. Makers of apps, flows, reports, and chatbots have digitally transformed their business processes, and in some cases transformed organization culture, careers, and lives. We hope these serve as inspiration for you as you embark on your own Power Platform journey.

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