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Add your canvas apps to Teams

Headshot of article author Matthew Bolanos

As of this week, you can now add your canvas apps to Teams with just a few button clicks. By adding your app into Teams, you can now add your app as a personal app in the app bar or as a tab in an existing channel or group chat, all without needing to manually create a Teams app manifest file.

As a standard user of Teams, you can use this functionality to create a collaborative application within a tab so that your colleagues can all interact with the same data together.

If you are an admin, this is a great way of taking an existing PowerApps app, like HR related tools, and distributing it through Teams by auto pinning it to the app bar. For instructions on how to auto pin an app in the app bar, check out Teams documentation on creating new app policies.

Getting started is extremely easy. Just navigate to the apps list, select a canvas app, and click Add to Teams. From there, a panel will walk you through all of the necessary steps, from downloading the app manifest to uploading it to Teams.

For more details about adding apps to Teams, check out the doc article about it. Also keep an eye out for a whitepaper next week that will walk through all of the best practices that you can take while customizing Teams with PowerApps.