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Announcing admin-configured maker welcome experience in Power Apps

Headshot of article author Caitlin Shaw

We are pleased to announce that admin-configured maker welcome content is now available for the Power Apps maker portal. Today, admins rely on sending welcome emails, creating wikis, and setting up internal portals to educate makers. Since this information can be presented in so many different places, makers may miss important communication. With the maker welcome experience, admins can customize content that is displayed to users in the maker portal, proactively communicating information such as security policies, knowledge bases, the environment’s purpose, and support information to makers.

To use this feature, Managed Environments must be enabled. The settings panel for Managed Environments gives you the ability to customize Markdown content and define a URL for the welcome content:

Once a welcome message is set up, makers will see a modal pop up in the maker portal when they enter an environment where this feature is enabled.

Makers can choose to not see this again, and will be able to access it on the Learn page at any time.

Any updates admins make to the content will override the “do not see this again” checkbox and show the updated modal to makers. Because of this behavior, admins can also use the maker welcome content as a “push notification” system. Organizations can use it to provide updated information on policies, prompts to fill out surveys, or information on popular apps. The possibilities are endless!

We’d like to hear from you

To learn more about the maker welcome content, see our documentation here. If you have any feedback to share, please visit our community forum. We’d love to hear how you’re using the maker welcome content!