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Automatically format your formula!!

Headshot of article author Lance Delano

Hi everyone. Today we start the world-wide roll out of a feature that allows you to automatically format your formulas! You can take all those very compact formulas, that can be very difficult to read and understand, and make them pretty and readable. To automatically format your formulas, follow these steps.

1. Find a compact formula you want to format.

compact formula single line

2. And expand it.

expanded unformatted formula

Once expanded, you will see two new buttons at the bottom of the formula bar: Format text and Remove formatting. These buttons are enabled if your formula has no errors. If your formula has errors, these buttons are not enabled.

3. Choose Format text


Remove formatting will remove all the formatting whitespace.  But, it’s not undo.  For example, suppose you choose to Format text on a formula that has a few extra spaces, a few extra return line feeds, or other positioning of text in your formula.  When you use Remove formatting on this formula, it will not return it to exactly the state you had it in before you used Format text.  Remove formatting will remove all whitespace characters ( spaces, tabs, line feeds ) and leave the formula in a compact state.