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Better together: introducing Custom Pages and the Modern App Designer

Headshot of article author Ryan Cunningham

Today at the Microsoft Business Applications Summit, we’re showing off a big step forward for the unification of the platform. We’re sharing a first look at how customers like Office Depot will be able to bring together canvas and model-driven pages into a single, cohesive application that’s highly tailored to the needs of end users.

How? With two significant new capabilities:

Custom Pages, backed by the full flexibility of the Power Apps canvas to craft pixel-perfect UX, connect to over 400 data sources, and leverage Power Fx for approachable low-code logic, will now be able to embed seamlessly within model-driven applications. The result is a ready-for-enterprise app that can fluidly combine grids and forms over Microsoft Dataverse with completely tailored custom screens.

What’s more, makers can build these unified experiences with the new Modern App Designer. Assembling a fully responsive application backed by Dataverse takes just a few clicks. Drop in robust, declaratively-generated grids and forms simply by selecting a table. Preview the running app live in the designer, and craft custom pages right inline.

All of this is on its way to land in production regions next month — stay tuned for deeper dives and hands on demos!