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Announcing the PowerApps Community Plan

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Today, we are delighted to announce the PowerApps Community plan, a free plan for individuals to explore, learn, and build skills for PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Common Data Service.

The PowerApps Community plan gives you a free development environment for individual use. With your individual environment, you can:

  • Learn to build business apps and workflows with the full functionality of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow
  • Connect to any data source using either the available 100+ out of the box connectors or by creating your own custom APIs.
  • Explore how the Common Data Service can be used to build powerful business apps with the common data model and the CDS SDK.
  • Build a solution for AppSource Test Drive.
  • And access to many more functionalities to build apps and flows.

Starting today, you can sign-up for the PowerApps Community Plan. If you are already an existing user of PowerApps with Office 365 or Dynamics 365 plans, you can create an individual environment for yourself to explore and learn more about PowerApps, Microsoft Flows and Common Data Service.

If you are an existing user of Visual Studio Dev Essentials, PowerApps is now included with your benefits. Inclusion into the Visual Studio Pro and Enterprise subscriptions is coming soon.

After signing-up for the Community Plan, you will be redirected to and will land in your individual environment. The environment is named with your name. e.g. if the user’s name is John Doe then the environment will be named ‘John Doe’s environment’. If there is already an environment with that name, the individual environment will be named as ‘John Doe’s (1) environment’.  


Which features are included in the PowerApps Community Plan?

With the individual environment, you get following functionality:


Environment for individual use

Key features


Create and run apps

Yes. You can create unlimited apps

Share apps*


Use the Common Data Service


Model your data using the Common Data Service


Enterprise-grade administration of the environment and user policies




Connect to Office 365, Dynamics 365 and other connectors


Connect to cloud-based services like Azure SQL, Dropbox, Twitter and many more


Use premium connectors like Salesforce, DB2 and many more


Access on‐premises data using an on-premises gateway


Create custom connectors to connect to your own systems

Yes. You can create unlimited custom connectors

Common Data Service


Create and run applications on the Common Data Service


Model your data in the Common Data Service


Create database in the Common Data Service




Add co-workers as environment makers and admins


Add co-workers to the database roles


Supports data policies established by the Office 365 administrator


Establish data policies for the individual environment


*You can’t share an app, flow, connection, etc. with any other users of your tenant. You also can’t add any other user as environment admin, maker or to the database roles from the admin center.




Flow runs/month


Database Size

200 MB

File Storage



The capacity available or used by the individual environment doesn’t attribute to your company’s overall quota. Also, add-ons can’t be applied on top of these included quantities. If you are hitting the capacity of your database limits, we recommend you purchase PowerApps Plan 2. Learn more about it from PowerApps pricing page.

Join our webinar to learn more about what you can do with the Community Plan.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer the apps, flows and other resources, created in the individual environment to another environment?

Yes, you should be able to export the resources from this environment to other environments. Learn more about it here.

Will my PowerApps Community plan subscription ever expire?
No, PowerApps Community plan subscription will not expire. You may, however, notice a delay when accessing your Common Data Service Database for the first time after a long period of inactivity. This delay will not impact the data or entities stored in the Common Data Service.

What’s the difference between PowerApps Plan 2 Trial and PowerApps Community plan and which one should I sign-up for?
Both PowerApps Plan 2 Trial and PowerApps Community Plan are free, but are created for different purposes.

  • PowerApps Plan 2 Trial gives you PowerApps Plan 2 for 90 days. This is meant for trying out PowerApps, Common Data Services and Microsoft Flow. Once your trial expires, you can purchase a plan. If you are already using PowerApps with Office 365 or Dynamics 365, this is the right plan to try out premium functionalities of PowerApps which are available with PowerApps Plan 2.
  • PowerApps Community Plan gives you access to PowerApps premium functionalities, Common Data Service and Microsoft flow for individual use. This plan is primarily meant for learning purposes or creating business solutions to be distributed for AppSource Test Drive. This plan is perpetually available, but only for learning and building your skills on PowerApps, Common Data Services and Microsoft Flow.

Can I sign-up with my personal (MSA) account?
No, you can only sign-up with your work or school account. We currently do not support signing up with personal account.


Get started with the community plan and register for the upcoming webinar to learn more about it. Try it out and let us know your feedback.