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New search experience and quick actions in Power Apps

Headshot of article author Srihari Srinivasa

Recently, we released a new search experience in model-driven Power Apps that is fast, more accurate and more intelligent than ever. It enhances productivity, makes information discovery easier and is an essential part of how customers navigate through model-driven Power Apps.

New experience rolled into relevance search

With 2021 release wave 1, the new experience is rolled into relevance search so the enhanced search helps you look for your information in a familiar and consistent way in model-driven Power Apps. A quick recap of the usability improvements:

Search bar in the header

Search is moved to a prominent place in header. It can be easily discovered from any page in all model-driven Power Apps on the web consistently.

Suggested results, as you type

View search results inline as you type, minimizing keystrokes and simplifying navigation.

Results page that is easy to understand

Search results are ranked and presented grouped by entity type, with more fields displayed for distinguishing records.

Quick actions with search

Introducing quick actions, commands that help you complete your task without losing context of your work.

Some of the commonly used tables are configured to show a set of most used commands to help you complete your task without losing context. Assign an account or share a contact with your team with the most minimal keystrokes and just one click.

You can also see quick actions in results page on the primary column, so you can act on your information without navigating.

With relevance search and 2021 release wave 1 preview enabled, you can try out all of these capabilities.

Learn more about how to enable relevance search and how to enable 2021 release wave 1 preview.

Also review end user documentation for more details.

Please share your feedback on our Power Apps community forum post.