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SharePoint delegation improvements

Headshot of article author Lance Delano

We are happy to announce that as of this week, delegation of complex objects to SharePoint objects is now supported.   Query / filter operations on objects such as Person and Choice are now supported.   See the table below for details.

Query / filter operations using complex objects in the past were subject to the delegation limits of (500 – 2000) records since the filter operation was performed locally.  Now these query operations will be performed on the back-end SharePoint server and will not have these limitations.

If you have an existing application that is currently limited by the 500-2000 record limitation that uses complex objects, open the app, save it and republish it to make use of this new capability.

In addition, we have updated the documentation to reflect that while DateTime and Date values are still not yet delegable, a null value can be delegated  for a DateTime and Date field.  See the  SharePoint connector article for more details.