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Solution checker enforcement in Managed Environments is generally available

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Earlier this year, we announced public preview of the solution checker enforcement feature for Managed Environments. With solution checker enforcement, Power Platform admins can ensure solutions are pre-validated for various security, reliability, and performance issues before they’re imported into the environments.

Since the public preview announcement, we made several enhancements and added many new capabilities. Solution checker now runs faster and has more coverage across solution components. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the general availability of solution checker enforcement in Managed Environments!

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Here are some of the changes since public preview:

Automatic checker run during export

We made it easy to scan your solutions for issues while exporting by providing an option to automatically run solution checker before exporting it.

Automatic checker run during import

During public preview, you were required to pre-validate the solution using solution checker before importing it. Without this mandatory step, solution checker enforcement could fail the import process. Now, we will run the solution checker automatically when the solution was not validated before importing so that your import process can proceed seamlessly.

Rule exclusions

Admins can now exclude rules from blocking or warning during import if certain violations will take time to address, but you still want to enforce the remaining ruleset. This will allow you to skip certain rules to avoid any of your legacy code from blocking new changes from getting deployed. Although this gives you the flexibility to proceed with deployments, we recommend that you address issues identified by solution checker at the earliest to avoid potential harm to your resources.

New solution checker rules

Since public preview we’ve added more than 20 new rules to the Solution checker. These include several security and performance rules for apps and components. As an example, the new connector checker can validate connectors used in your solution.

More ways to save results

You can now pass --saveResults or --sav to pac solution check to get your results automatically stored in your connected Dataverse environment. These result links will be available in the maker portal and admin emails so you can quickly drill down into the details. More information in the docs.

Warn mode by default

As part of public preview, we set the default solution checker enforcement mode to Warn when enabling Managed Environments. In the near future, environments enabled before March 2023 will be transitioned to Warn mode automatically. Communication emails and messaging will be sent to admins in advance with the transition date.

Looking forward

We are committed to providing Power Platform users with the tools and resources they need to build and deploy high-quality solutions, as well as the governance to efficiently perform application lifecycle management. Solution checker enforcement is just one of the many ways we are working to achieve this goal.

We encourage all Power Platform administrators to take advantage of this powerful new feature and provide feedback to help us continue to improve and refine the tool.

Please share your feedback/suggestions in this thread and see our documentation for more information.